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Heart valve surgical training model

MAASTRICHT (ANP) – The Maastricht UMC makes it possible to train complex heart surgeries on a simulation model. Surgeon Peyman Sardari Nia of the medical centre developed the model with which doctors can train surgical interventions to the heart. The technical development of the surgical training model was supported by Maastricht Instruments’ academic counterpart IDEE. Normally, a persons’ chest has to be opened completely for an intervention to the mitralis valve. A new method makes it possible to perform this intervention through a tiny hole on the side of the chest. This is a technically complex method, according to Sardari Nia. ,,Normally, a surgeon can only train such complicated procedures on actual patients”, he explains. “With this simulation model it is possible to train the intervention without patients.” Sardari Nia presented the first training models during an international congress of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, the EACTS, in the MECC Maastricht last monday.

The project is initiated in cooperation with EM-TRAC, the European Medical Training Center, an initiative of the Cardiovascular Center Maastricht UMC+ (CVC Maastricht). The CVC Maastricht is a center of excellence for complex, highly-specialized care, ground-breaking scientific research, teaching and training in the area of cardiovascular diseases. Maastricht Instruments congratulates the teams with the launch of the hybrid simulator for minimal invasive mitral valve surgery.

The development of the simulator was initiated by Dr. P. Sardari in cooperation with Dr. E.E.G. Hekman of the University of Twente. Four students of the faculty of Technical Medicine developed a proof of concept, which was transferred by Dr. Sardari to Maastricht afterwards.

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