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Mopas BT Monitoringsysteem

Mopas Monitoring Systems (MOPAS) has a mission to improve the safety of people in risky living- and working conditions, by means of advanced information- and communication devices and cloud-based services. This innovative ICT company was founded in 2014, after several gaps were identified in the personal safety market. The offering of devices, tools and systems for personal safety is huge. However, care organizations and industrial companies consider that the current offering does not guarantee the required quality, reliability, functionality and affordability. As a result, hundreds of thousands of incidents and accidents are registered each year, of which more than 100 are fatal. Together with Maastricht Instruments, Mopas Monitoring Systems co-developed a reliable monitoring solution that is connected 24/7 to the Mopas Cloud Monitoring Dashboard. The cloud-based monitoring solution will be available for end users from March 2015.

The monitoring device contains several advanced technologies, which generate real-time information about a persons’ status to the cloud dashboard. Maastricht Instruments provides algorithms for fall detection and non-movement for the device. These algorithms are based on medical-scientific research within the University of Maastricht. Other features of the modular expandable platform are:

  • accurate indoor- and outdoor position detection
  • fast alerting and accurate follow-up of alerts
  • capacity planning
  • access control
  • person identification
  • heart- & body temperature measurements
  • door locking and de-locking
  • time-sheet generation
  • trend-analyses that help to pro-actively improve safety

For more information, visit the website of MOPAS.



MOPAS is a spin-off company of Ivengi Group. Ivengi Group is an expert company in the field of online business and big data management. Target applications include medical data and tailor-made information systems for monitoring large enterprises such as the Public Transport in the Netherlands.

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