Maastricht Instruments offers a broad range of technologies, which we can efficiently tailor to your specific research or care application. Our technologies are typically available as research demonstrators, which can be reproduced or adapted for your specific research purposes. Companies that want to expand their product portfolio with products based on our technologies can contact us for custom product development and licensing opportunities.

eHealth / mHealth


    Pain & Medication eHealth program

    The Pain & Medication eHealth program consists of an iPad application for patients and a web application for care providers. Patiënts register pain, related symptions and medication usage on a daily basis. Knowledge and feedback on experiences is provided and communication is facilitated with their care providers. They can monitor their patients, provide support and keep the doctor in charge of the pain treatment informed.

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  • Feature_Image_ITSLIFE

    Activity self-management program

    The It’s Life care service is an innovative patient monitoring and feedback tool that helps COPD and diabetes patients to achieve a more active lifestyle under close guidance of their care providers. It’s Life supports patients in the self-management of a chronic condition.

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Wearable Sensors

Research Equipment

Medical Devices


    Biomedical Measurement System

    Our biomedical measurement systems can simultaneously measure several parameters in, on and around the human body: from temperature, heart rate and brain activity to the intensity of muscle activity. This high-end technology is the ideal starting point for new measurement devices.

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