This prototype of a small, lightweight sensor node allows for wireless monitoring of body temperature. Technology features are:

  • Realtime temperature read-out via wireless communication protocols.
  • Antenna for data transmission.
  • Power consumption optimization allowing for miniaturization.

All functionality was integrated onto a dedicated printed circuit board (PCB) and into a prototype housing. The prototype of a stationary skin temperature monitoring system showed an accuracy better than ± 0.3 degrees Celsius, contained multiple temperature nodes, has a battery life of more than 3 days and has an acceptable size of circa 30x20x10 mm.

Searching for a dedicated body temperature sensor solution?

The current prototypes are not for sale at the moment, they are for development purposes only. Companies or research institutes searching for a custom body temperature sensor solution based on this prototype are welcome to contact us to discuss the possiblities. Current possibilities include a Bluetooth Smart version suitable for data connection to smartphones, or a USB version suitable for logging multiple days of temperature data in research studies.


  • Proof-of-concept for application development
  • Technology platform for customer specific / OEM product development
  • Commercialization license for medical, health and well-being applications

Developed with:

nutrim_logo Maastricht University, School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism.

More information:

Freek Boesten

Business Development