The ECG Necklace is a smart biomedical sensor. It provides the ability to measure ECG signals and activity parameters from the human body. The ultra low-power system is integrated into a small, lightweight device that can analyze the measured signals in realtime and transmit them to a user interface wirelessly.

Changes in health and care

Healthcare is changing: raising healthcare costs and new demographic, societal and health trends are pressing for a change in healthcare systems. Lifestyles are shifting towards busier time schedules with little motivation and time left for health management. Healthcare needs are transitioning from episodic to chronic. Population is aging. This calls for radical changes in how care will be provided, targeting preventive care, effective provision of continuous treatment, personalized and connected health.
Researchers, healthcare providers and companies have many ideas how to improve and renew healthcare. Modern technology gives them the opportunity to accomplish these ideas. An important role in these novel applications is contributed to monitoring technology, that measures relevant body and behavioral parameters on which new care and research applications can be based.

Are you looking for:

  • Comfortable on-body measurements.
  • Reliable and accurate measurement results.
  • Monitoring patients in the home or care situation.
  • A platform to efficiently realize your own applications.

ECG Necklace benefits

  • Clinical grade data collection.
  • Patient-friendly design.
  • Long battery lifetime.
  • Store data in-device or transmit real-time.

Unique treatment and research

The technology can be delivered in small quantities, which makes it a highly suitable tool for biomedical research and pilot applications. Because the technology can be molded into a compact, comfortable shape, it enables researchers to collect reliable, acurrate data in real-life situations. For healthcare applications, the compact design has a positive effect on compliance. Furthermore, the technology is highly suitable for applications that require long term ECG telemonitoring of people in their home environment. The unique combination of features provides a solid foundation for the realization of new applications in health care and research.

Application of the ban technology

The ECG Necklace technology is specifically designed for healthcare and research applications. The system can be used to measure relevant body parameters in e-health and telemedicine monitoring projects. The ECG and activity signals can be translated by algorithms into meaningful information for use in an app on a smartphone or tablet. Healthcare providers can monitor the progress of their patients through an e-health portal. Maastricht Instruments also offers the required digital platforms for this part of the application.

For research applications, the system can be linked to IDEEQ; the data visualization and software analysis package of Maastricht Instruments. The software includes functionality to control the device, and to visualize, record and process signals. Both offline and real-time analysis of the measured signals can be performed. The collected data can be exported for processing in common software packages such as Matlab or Excel.

Technology platform

The ECG Necklace platform is a modular, multi-point signal acquisition system for ambulatory or stationary measurements. The electrocardiogram (ECG) and activity can be measured in real-time. Depending on the application, the measured data is stored on the device or transmitted wirelessly to a base station through an efficient Bluetooth Smart data connection. A compact battery powers the system. Depending on the application, the platform can be adjusted to customer specific requirements. The open platform technology allows researchers and careproviders to integrate the measurement solution optimally into their applications. Furthermore, the available platform can be tailor-made for companies that want to market an OEM or customer-specific product.

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  • Demonstrator for application development
  • Research prototype for validation studies
  • Technology platform for customer specific / OEM product development
  • Commercialization license for medical and health applications

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