Analysis technologies are applied in research institutions, medical centres and governmental organisations. Currently, analysis technologies are expensive, time intensive and location dependent (laboratory). There is a need for analysis instruments which are fast, easy to use and that deliver valid results, since most end users are not trained laboratory technicians.
The NIRAS system offers a solution. It consists of a portable measurement device with a built-in knowledge system, containing a reference database and matching algorithms. The system requires no sample preparation for both solids and fluids. The measurement procedure is noninvasive and nondestructive. It delivers fast results within seconds. The technology is ideal for in-line, in-field and desktop applications.

Typical applications include:


  • Counterfeit detection.
  • Mixture identification.
  • Quality control of active substance in formulated medicine.


  • Oxygenation of blood.
  • Body fat level.
  • Tablet control through blisters.
  • Non-invasive near patient testing.
  • Moisture control of skin.

Law enforcement

  • Active substance quantification.
  • Explosives identification.
  • Drug identification.


  • Demonstrator for application development
  • Research prototype for validation studies
  • Technology platform for customer specific / OEM product development
  • Commercialization license for medical applications

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Emile Arnoldussen

Director Business Development