The amount of daily physical activity of a person is becoming of increasing interest to healthcare professionals worldwide. This wearable sensor can measure a persons’ activity and posture. System integrators and product manufacturers can integrate this Bluetooth activity sensor for activity and posture measurements in new activity monitoring solutions and concepts. Typical applications include:

  • Daily activity monitoring in research and rehabilitation applications
  • Activity monitoring in physical therapy settings
  • Fall detection and movemement detection for safety purposes
  • Gait analysis sensor applications
  • Activity monitoring of patients after surgery
The compact and unobtrusive MOX device can be worn on several places of the subject’s body (waist, lower back, pockets, thigh, bra etc) to measure physical activity and/or posture movement during daily living activities. The small, lightweight device can analyse the measured movement signals and transmit them wirelessly to a user interface.




  • 3D Accelerometer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth Classic (2.0)
  • Data storage (2 days)

User Interface

  • Battery low / charging / full LED
  • On / Off LED

Modes of operation

  • Real-time data streaming*
  • Data logging on-board


  • Dim. L x W x H ~ 50 x 40 x 20 mm
  • Battery lifetime ~2 days

Product certification

  • CE certification, for use in medical applications

Data processing / output

    • Raw accelerometer data (g)*
    • Physical activity (counts per minute)

Firmware features

      • Open API
      • Set personal information
      • Set date and time
      • Read battery status


      • Clip for waist mounting
      • Product packaging
      • USB Charger
      • Set daily goal
      • Set date and time
      • Set user anthropometric data
      • Set mode of operation
      • Read battery status
* custom features on request