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Two years ago, Maastricht Instruments wrote the proposal to start the support program SME Roadmaps. Maastricht Instrument involved Liof in this proposal, and applied for funding at LED (Limburg Economic Development). With success! For two consecutive years, Maastricht Instruments, together with Liof, managed this program and guided 19 entrepreneurs with the business of their innovative product / service in life sciences and health. This year, Liof announced that it would take over this program, to make it an integral and structural part of the services Liof offers. Thanks to the dedication of Maastricht Instruments, the commitment of Liof and the support of LED, this program will now be available for entrepreneurs for the coming years.

SME Roadmaps supports entrepreneurs in life sciences and health to bring their innovative product or service successfully to the market. Not by offering support on the technical part of the product or service, but by offering support on the business part of the implementation process. After a carefully set up selection process, the participants participate in breakfast meetings, get workshops and present themselves at the Interregio meeting. They get a voucher of € 5000 to hire support on the business side. After the breakfast meetings, professionals of financial institutions, funding programs, etc. are invited to present what they can mean for the participating entrepreneurs.

SME Roadmaps is open to entrepreneurs in Limburg active in the field of life sciences and health. It offered Maastricht Instruments the opportunity to get support for entrepreneurs starting companies with technology of Maastricht Instruments.

In the present round of SME Roadmaps, the following companies participate:

  • IncoSense, measuring incontinence with a new sensor;
  • Dentinno, 3d printing for dental applications;
  • OyaCura, detecting skin cancer via near infrared;
  • Aurora, bone cement for vertebroplasty;
  • MijnVitaliteit, webbased vitalitymanagement for companies;
  • Qynion with the Qyntest, a new carrier for a qualitative blood test;
  • Smart BioLabs, ultra sensitieve diagnostics for bio analytical services;
  • Sport Omnical, measuring performance with top sporters;
  • Well-Kom-Thuis zorgaanbouw, living facility to stay at home longer.

We are glad that the third edition of SME Roadmaps will start early 2015 and invite everybody to subscribe to this new edition of SME Roadmaps.

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