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The posture and balance feedback system “Balance Belt” of Maastricht Instruments is featured in the program Business in Sports. The program focuses on developing a business plan for an innovative top sports product concept. The Balance Belt is featured in this program because the concept of monitoring body position and providing feedback on a person’s center of balance was well received by sports professionals. Originally, the belt was developed for a medical application where it provides tactile feedback to patients with vestibular deficits. In this program the opportunities for professional sports athletes are explored.

About Business in Sports

The Business in Sports program is developed by Bizzdom and the foundation Topsport Limburg in the Netherlands. Top sports is a sector which adopts innovations fast, has big marketing power and large enterprises as stakeholders. The program uses the resources of Topsport Limburg to help entrepreneurs to commercialize their innovations in top sports. These resources are, amongst others:

  • 1500 top sporters available for testing and feedback
  • A coaching platform
  • The Sport Data Centre
  • The High Performance Centre with top expertise in:
    • Sport nutrition
    • Paramedical
    • Sport psychology
    • Sport physiology
    • Olympic fitness room
    • Performance lab
    • Test facilities
  • Stakeholders like:
    • DSM
    • Cofely
    • Masita
  • Triple helix support from:
    • Government
    • Education
    • Companies


A group of 10 entrepreneurs has started in the first round of Business in Sports. They are guided to set up a financeable plan to bring their innovation to the top sports market. An important part of the guidance is bringing the entrepreneurs in contact with the right parties, like top sporters, stakeholders, decision makers, etc. Innovation experts will guide the entrepreneurs to set up a decent plan. BizzDom is responsible for guidance and coordination, together with Topsport Limburg. The 10 innovations in the first round of Business in Sports are:

  • Ceracarbon: Carbon with high wear resistance
  • Ceradure: light-weight, high-end aluminium ceramic parts
  • Bisschopsmolen: nutrition for top sports
  • Game on: video technology for sports professionals
  • The Mind Connection: neuro feedback for peak performance training
  • Heunen neuro tracking: performance improvement
  • Maastricht Instruments: on-body sensors for measurement purposes
  • Ultimate Instability: training based on instable water
  • Technovas: stretcher to transport wounded sporters
  • Sport Omnical: measuring the metabolism of top sporters


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