Maastricht Instruments offers a broad range of technologies, which we can efficiently tailor to your specific research or care application. Our technologies are typically available as research demonstrators, which can be reproduced or adapted for your specific research purposes. Companies that want to expand their product portfolio with products based on our technologies can contact us for custom product development and licensing opportunities.

eHealth / mHealth

Wearable Sensors

  • MOX Physical Activity Monitor

    The MOX is a smart activity monitoring platform that accurately measures physical activity and posture movement in daily life. The configurable research platform can serve as a basis for miniaturized, customer specific activity monitors.

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  • ECG Necklace

    The ECG Necklace is a body sensor that measures ECG signals and activity, with which a broad range of body parameters can be extracted (e.g, fitness level, energy expenditure, body position, heartrate, heartrate variability, ECG). A research demonstrator is available for application development and validation studies.

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Research Equipment

Medical Devices